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Marooned is the story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot, and his sidekick Asimov, a garbage can turned witty genius robot. After successfully landing on Mars, Captain John realizes that they have no return fuel to get back to Earth! From there, the news only gets worse. Luckily, there ARE little green men on Mars, and they are actually friendly.

And John & Asimov aren’t alone. There’s also Ugo, the martian leader, who is wise and helpful. Ril the orphan tween who has lots of attitude, but desperately wants a family, Zed the renegade alien, and the mysterious Captain Lian Fisher – survivor of a lost mission to Mars who has become something more than human.

In the end, he is presented with an all-or-nothing battle where selfish behavior and foolish pride have no place, that will decide not only his fate, but the fate of everyone on Mars. Marooned is a story that is funny, but it also has heart. It’s suitable for any reader, young or old.