A man. A SPACE CAPTAIN. Highly intelligent, extremely skilled. Top of his class. Adored by millions. Captain John... is NOT that man. But can that man have the courage to face what he is, and be transformed? Leave behind selfishness and embrace service? Can he go from HOPELESS... to HERO? Find out in: MAROONED: A Space Opera in the Wrong Key!

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Successfully Kickstarted in Fall 2013, Marooned was a KICKSTARTER STAFF PICK and reached 252% of its funding goal. Marooned is no longer online and out of print, but you can experience the epic adventure by purchasing the mega-293-page PDF, which includes the full story AND a bonus 16-page episode.

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Marooned: Digital Book (PDF)

The full run of the comic - the complete story of Captain John's odyssey on Mars with Asimov, Lian, Ugo and the full cast of characters. Includes the 16-page bonus story.

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Spare Parts: Digital Book (PDF)

The companion book to the series, this 100-page edition contains side stories that take place in the Marooniverse (like the origins of Captain John, Asimov and Captain Lian) plus tons of pinup art and one-off comics.

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Preview the comic for FREE by downloading the episode "Rocket Science."

New Comic: Rock & Tin!

Visit my NEW comic, just completed as a graphic novel and successfully Kickstarted in June of 2015, reaching 536% of its funding goal.