A Space Opera in the Wrong Key! is the story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot, and his witty sidekick Asimov, an automated garbage can turned genius robot.

Successfully Kickstarted in Fall 2013, Marooned was a KICKSTARTER STAFF PICK and reached 252% of its funding goal. You can experience the epic adventure by purchasing the mega-293-page PDF, which includes the full story AND a bonus 16-page episode.

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Marooned: Digital Book (PDF)

The full run of the comic - the complete story of Captain John's odyssey on Mars with Asimov, Lian, Ugo and the full cast of characters. Includes the 16-page bonus story.

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Spare Parts: Digital Book (PDF)

The companion book to the series, this 100-page edition contains side stories that take place in the Marooniverse (like the origins of Captain John, Asimov and Captain Lian) plus tons of pinup art and one-off comics.

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New Comic: Rock & Tin!

Visit my NEW comic, just completed as a graphic novel and successfully Kickstarted in June of 2015, reaching 536% of its funding goal.